Saturday, February 05, 2005

Cheap Flights to Australia

Cheap Flights to Australia

Alas, summer is almost ending and the fares seem to be going up. There are some cheap deals out there that will disappear on Feb 10- a $757 special on Qantas. And then up up and away until probably last minute March specials and last minute May specials.

Is it just me or is United going crazy? Sure I'll take the free blackberry with my purchase of a ticket $250 or more. It's an $800 gadget. But I don't want an electronic leash so that's just me. I wonder if my Mileage Plus miles will be worth anything in a year.

So I just came back from Syd and Queensland. Ahhh, summer in Sydney. Beautiful nights of strolling on the harbour, dining on the unique Australasian cuisine... mmmm Lots of John Dory and Barrumundi and local wine for me. I did find a cool place in The Rocks called Phillip's Foot. You walk up to the counter and pick out a slab of raw meat ($25) and then you grill it yourself on one of the large community grills in the restaurant. Then there's a fabulous fixins' bar with salads, garlic spread, BBQ sauce, fruit and a bread bar. It's fun in a group- but don't arrive starving. You do need to wait for the steaks to cook!

Have you made your way to Hamilton Island yet? You arrive on Jetstar but when you get there, you feel like Mr. Rork is going to greet you in person. It's truly Fantasy Island. One of the best things to do on the island- anything involving the water! There are several pools, a marina, snorling adventures, scuba, but the best of the best.... Tour the Great Barrier Reef by seaplane! It's worth more than it costs and teh memories of such beauty and grandeur, ahhhh, will never fade like that $200 dress. I had never really considered a helicopter or plane tour before this trip, but it has to be the best thing I have ever done on vacation. It even surpassed two days of diving on the Reef. I highly recommend!

Best of luck. I'm off.