Wednesday, January 19, 2005

$$$ Australia for the right price

Australia is always on my mind. It seems like the two weeks I spent there nearly 5 years ago started this electricity inside me that doesn't subside. And then I found work in the Aussie travel business, and now feel like I'm on a diet and working in a candy store. Ahhh, at least I get to look.

Someone said recently that Australia is like the US in the 1950s. I believe they meant in the sense of how friendly people are, and welcoming. Australia/New Zealand remains on people's wish list for years. What causes people to actually stop in their tracks and say, "This is the Year" ? If I knew that I'd be rich (actually no, I'd still be scraping by) but at least the Australian government would be rich and I would keep my job in this ever-threatened travel industry.

So here is the start of my blog. Honest, anonymous, advice from a Aussie/NZ travel insider. If you have a question, I'll give you an answer. If I don't know, I will find out. No company lines here though. I'll leave that for my day job.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello,Do Expedia and Travelocity have the best fares?- DJ

8:58 AM  
Blogger Egmontgirl said...

Hello! You're the first reader to chime in! Thanks. I can assuredly say that now and then the airlines will give the Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz a "special deal". You see United doing it right now with a $600 LA to SYD special (limited to travel starting and ending in Feb). But you're better off trying each airline's websites before buying. It makes sense that they would reserve the best fares for their own sites because then they don't pay commission. Also, these airlines sites (as of recently) don't charge any service fees, while the OTAs usually charge around $5 bucks.

When you are comparing the prices on an airline's website and on sites like Travelocity etc, you might see there is a $5-$15 difference. It is actually most likely the same exact base fare. Airlines are required to advertise fees like fuel surcharges and insurance charges up front in their advertised price. While the OTAs aren't required. But it will show up in the taxes in the end. So the fares come out to be about the same.

Hope this helps.


11:54 AM  

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